Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eastern Rendezvous, 2010 Edition

Last weekend I attended the ADV Eastern Rendezvous in Laurel Springs, NC. On the way there I rode through a terrible hail storm just after leaving Boone. Sorry, no pictures. I was too busy concentrating on keeping upright. The rally itself was another success put on by Rick, the Party Boss.
I did not ride at all on Saturday but I just hung around the camping area and caught up with some old friends. Here are a few photos from the Rendezvous.

A fellow named Chuck rode this from New Orleans, LA!!! He even got a speeding ticket on the way. He was doing 45 in a 35 zone. Oh yeah, and he was pulling a trailer!!

Learning how to make hobo scallops.

The camping area for the Rendezvous.

One of the landmarks in Laurel Springs, NC.

Another reminder for why I live here!

Well, I cannot wait for next year's rendezvous. There may not be much to post for about the next month. I will be headed to Grand Tetons and Arches NPs with my wife in a car. Be sure that I will make a longer trip. My school system has decided to start school early and this may kill my trip to Labrador. It is too early to tell now. I guess you will just have to check back and see!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Weekend Getaway!

This past weekend I rode to Cruso, NC to spend a couple of nights at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. I had to take the long way around due to fallen trees on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The winter damage has closed a thirty mile stretch of the Parkway between Asheville and Mount Pisgah.

On Saturday I rode to the Nantahala Gorge to try and photograph some rafters. The wind blew some sand in my eye and blinded me for about 45 minutes. My eye finally cleared up enough to ride and I rode to the next country store and bought a bottle of water to try and flush the particle out of my eye. While there I met a young hippie type fellow named Chris who offered me a couple of drops of Visine. Now why would a hippie have Visine??!??

After arriving back at the campground a weather front move through setting us up for a windy and very cold night. Sunday morning was so cold I decided to eat breakfast at home.

Next week is the Eastern Rendezvous in Laurel Springs, NC. Check back for the trip report!