Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cruso - July 2013

As some of you know I am preparing to spend six months in Europe and the planning and preparation for that trip has not left me much time to ride this year.  Also we have had rain, rain, RAIN!  This is the wettest summer on record and we are only about half way through!

I did get a chance to go camping at the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in Cruso, NC this past weekend.  Due to the weather there were very few campers and I almost had the campground all to myself.

My campsite at Cruso
I managed to get a good ride in on Saturday, but it did rain for about an hour.  Afterwards the sun came out and it began to "rain up".

Mist rising from the Little Pigeon River
This may be my last post of the year in my motorcycle travel blog.  Be sure to check out my other travel blog.  I will be driving to Texas and then to Philadelphia to board a freighter to Hamburg, Germany.  In Europe we will travel to Berlin, Poland (?), Austria and Bavaria!

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