Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three Weeks to Go!

I have three weeks to go before my big trip to Alaska! I am in the process of making my final plans and preparations. I had the bike serviced today at Touring Sport in Greenville, SC. All fluids changed and a general check up. She is ready to ride. But first my wife will be flying to Germany Tuesday and she will return just days before I leave. She will meet our son in London who is returning from Korea as I write this. As an elementary school teacher I have my busiest three weeks of the year ahead of me. I will have only two days between the last day of school and my departure.
The cost of this trip is starting to worry me. Gas prices have almost doubled since I began planning this thing! The cost of tires has also gone up. If they are expensive here, what do they cost "up there"? Oh well, I guess the object is not to die with a huge bank account, but to die broke with a lifetime of experiences! I will be posting not only to this blog but I will also be posting a ride report on the ADV rider site. It will be in the Ride Report section and I plan on calling the thread "Solo to the Circle". If you are an ADVer be sure to check it out. I will also be posting my photographs on my SmugMug site. Be sure to check for what I hope are great photos.
I will be taking a couple of weekend trips starting next weekend. Nothing big, just camping at Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground in Cruso, NC. Check back often to see what is going on with "Solo to the Circle"!

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