Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby! It's Cold Outside!!

Some of you have been asking for updates since I have not posted in over two weeks. Don't worry I am fine and still alive, but there have been some goings on at our house. First I shipped son number 1 (he's the pilot, black belt, SCUBA diving one (don't you love it... land, air and sea!)) back to San Diego. Son number 2 (he's the one that just graduated college) has decided that Honduras are more to his liking than on Tuesday he flies to Honduras to begin his Dive Master course. This means he will not be in Mexico, so that changes my schedule for the summer. At first I thought that Honduras would make an interesting trip, but I just won't be able to squeeze it in this summer. Besides his course will be over in April and he does not know if he will remain in Honduras or not. Oh! To be young again! Anyway, I am back to my original coast to coast plans for this summer.

I have not ridden either bike since New Year's Day. You can see why in the photo above. I snapped this photo yesterday morning. I don't normally let a little cool weather keep me from riding, but I do have my limits! Nine degrees Fahrenheit (-14 C) is just below my limit. It does inspire me to plan my trip to Key West this April!

If you don't hear for me in a couple of weeks, don't worry! Spring will be here soon and winter will be a distant memory! For those of you in the southern hemisphere, ride safe...those in the north, stay warm!!!!

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