Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dreary Winter Daze!

Tomorrow is the first day of February and I can see the light at the end of the Winter tunnel! This month I will attend the International Motorcycle Show in Greenville, South Carolina. I will make a day trip out of this. It will be good to spend a day in a building that smells of gas and rubber!

It has been a slow month for riding. I rode the airhead on New Year's day but I have not ridden the GS at all. Tomorrow (February 1) The weather is supposed to be in the 50s (11-12C) and I may get a ride in just to charge up the battery. Starting on Monday we are due for another round of ice and snow. The snow melts quickly here but the problem is the salt and sand that the city and county spread. That stuff remains for weeks afterward. Sand and motorcycles are not a good combination (for me, anyway!).

I am also busy planning my "Chasing Hemingway" trip scheduled for third week in April. This trip will only be one week, but it is to an area that I have never been to before. I am a huge fan of Earnest Hemingway and the main purpose of this trip is to see his home/museum in Key West Florida. I have included the route that I am planning to take. If any of you are familiar with this area and have some tips for me let me know!

Well, everyone hang in there and check back in two to three weeks. Spring is coming!!!!

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