Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kickstand Lodge

This past weekend, August 24 - 26, I took my airhead out for a weekend in the Nantahala National Forest.  She had been feeling neglected since I had ridden my hexhead GS on the trip to Mexico and the American west.  Friday afternoon I rode to Kickstand Lodge in Stecoah, NC and set up camp.

On Saturday I took one of those rides to nowhere in particular.  You just ride and when you see a road you have never seen before you take it depending on the GPS to get you back to the campground.

We did have a strange rain event on Saturday evening.  All of a sudden there was a torrential downpour that lasted about thirty minutes, but the sun continued to shine the whole time.  It was the first time I ever worried about getting a sunburn and drowning at the same time!

Next week I am back in Stecoah at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Resort presenting at the Horizons Unlimited Traveler's Meeting.  Check back to see how it went!

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