Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Prepping the Bike

I took advantage of an unusually warm day to check my motorcycle's valves and replace the spark plugs.  It was a very rainy day in Asheville and other than read this seemed like the best way to make use of my time.  All I have left to do myself is to change oil and replace the brake pads.  I really like working on my bike.  Pirsig had it right in his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Tuesday I am beginning my second course in Spanish at AB-Tech, our local community college.  I speak German, but I think that will be of little use in Latin America.  I know I will not become even close to fluent, but I want to make an effort to speak to the people in their own language.  I do not want to be an "ugly American" while there and expect them to speak English to me.  I have heard many travelers get by with speaking no Spanish on a trip such as this, but I think that defeats the purpose of travel.  Travel should broaden your horizons.  Oh well, enough of the philosophical ramblings.

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