Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Preparation of Kurt Has Begun

I have just returned from the Buncombe County Health Department, Travel Section.  It seems they recommend Typhoid, and Hepatitis A & B vaccines for Mexico and Central America.  Note that these are recommended and not required.  Should I take them or not?  They are expensive (about $250) for all.  But contracting these diseases is a distinct possibility in these areas.  I mean, there was a Hepatitis outbreak here in Asheville a few years ago when a cook at a popular restaurant (locals know where this is) failed to wash his hands after taking care of "business" in the restroom. I already have typhoid vaccinations.  I got them in the army during basic training...35  years ago.  Uhhhh, that's gonna have to be updated.  Yeah, I will go ahead and get the shots (that's "jabs" for my British friends).

While watching Race to Dakar with Charley Boorman I realized that I have time before this trip, but no plan.  So today I sat down and wrote a plan to get every thing done in order that the trip can actually begin on March 15.  Here is my plan so far:
          January 23 - appointment for immunizations
          January 31 - have the maintenance I plan on doing my self completed on the BMW

          February  1  - obtain AAA International Driver's License and Mexico map
          February  7  - blood work for physical exam
          February 14 - physical exam
          February 15 - have dealer servicing of BMW completed
          February 20 - obtain MedJetAssist insurance
          February 22 - complete federal and state income taxes
          February 25 - depart for Germany

          March   4 - return from Germany
          March   5 - dental cleaning
          March 12 - final inspection of equipment
          March 15 - departure

For those that don't know MedJetAssist is an insurance policy that will fly me (or my reamains) back from a foreign country should I become ill and cannot be treated in a local hospital.  They will even return my motorcycle if necessary.

I think this will work.  During this time I also need to improve my physical condition.  Leaving in March I will have have to get my riding muscles fit on the road.  For those that don't ride, it takes an entirely different set of muscles to ride a motorcycle 8 to 10 hours a day than you can work out in a gym.  The muscles that give me particular problems are my throttle (right) hand and the muscles between my shoulder blades.

Well, I have enough to do before this thing gets going!  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.  That is the only way I will know that I am writing for an audience and not just for myself.

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