Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ciudad Valles

Not much to report today.  I just strolled around Cd. Valles and watched the people and took in the the Latin American culture and attitudes.  They are much more laid back and not as uptight as we are.  Today, I think I'll just post some photos of things that made me go hmmmmmm.

There is a thin layer of white dust that covers everything here, but I don't know how.  They are continually sweeping and mopping.

My hotel, the Hotel Pina.

I think I'll keep my beemer!

One stop shopping.  Lawyer, dentist and pet pharmacy.

Hey!  You never know when you might need one of these!

Is this where nachos were invented?

Why wash your car at home?  Just drive it to the river!

Kinda slow for a Saturday.

OK!  Got a customer!

I tried to spend a nice peaceful morning in the plaza. Birds wouldn't shut up!

For lunch I had a steak dinner.  The steak, potatoes, soup, bread and coke set me back six bucks!  I went out this evening and had helados for dinner again.  I then watched the Mexico/Canada soccer match.

I'll be leaving Cd. Valles tomorrow, but I am tempted just to stay here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Curt, dies ist ein zweiter Versuch, da ich noch nie einen comment geschrieben habe.

Ich beneide Dich um Deine tolle Zeit und finde es ganz spannend Deine Reise zu verfolgen. Natürlich werde ich mit Tine auch alles stundenlang am Telefon besprechen. Insbesondere die Bilder zeigen, dass Du in einer für mich fremden Welt bist. Macht Lust auch eine Auszeit zu nehmen