Friday, March 30, 2012

Tropic of Cancer

I left Saltillo early in the morning to get as much riding time as possible in the cooler temperatures.  MX 57 leaves Saltillo and goes up!  It got downright cold!  I rode to Matehuala and found an ATM to replenish my funds.  Just south of Matehuala I crossed the Tropic of Cancer.  My motorcycle has now taken me from the Arctic Circle on the Haul Road to the Tropic of Cancer in Mexico and I've got the pictures to prove it!

At the Arctic Circle June 21, 2008

At the Tropic of Cancer March 30, 2012

Finally I left 57 and took 80 through Ciudad del Maiz.  MX 80 to Cd. del Maiz was a long straight road...but after that what a blast!  The road climbed in altitude until it was cool and rain forest like and then dropped down into sugar cane fields.  Trucks were loaded to the rafters and beyond with sugar cane.

I also rode through my first two military check points.  No biggie.  I just said "Hablo un poco de espanol" and they waved me on.

Also Holy Week begings Sunday and all of the churches are spruced up with flags and decorations.  Kind of gaudy and not really my taste, but hey, it's their country!

I really pushed it too hard today and on arriving in Ciudad Valles I decided to stay two nights here. I found a really nice hotel two blocks from the town square.  two nights cost what last night cost me in Saltillo.  I went out to get something to eat but almost everything here is grilled meat or chicken.  It was too hot to eat that so I ate another of my favorite Latin foods for dinner...helados (ice cream).

I wanted to take some pictures tonight but darkness falls fast in the tropics.  I read that in a Graham Greene book back in college.  It really does get dark quick.  Tomorrow I will spend the morning just walking around and should have some neat pictures for tomorrow.

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