Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Leaving Day After Tomorrow!

All of the shots have been injected.  Anti-malarial medications have been dispensed.  Maps have been studied and studied some more.  Lonely Planets have been read.  State Department memos have been read and re-read.  The bike has been serviced, packed and is ready to go.  A little Spanish has been learned.  It is almost time to leave.

This will be my last post from Asheville for a few months.  I do not know when my next post will be as when I am traveling alone I don't normally choose 5-star accommodation.  I will be traveling through the south to my boyhood home of Longview, Texas by back roads. While there I will celebrate the birthdays of my father and sister.  My oldest son is flying in with his daughter and we will take a four generation photo.  From there I will leave to Big Bend National Park and then to Latin America.  Check back often!  Here we go!!!

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