Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 2 - 497.8 Miles

There is more to report today. First of all, I did not sleep that well last night. I was one of only three campers at the campground. Martin State Forest is quite secluded. The other campers spent the evening intoxicating themselves and then one of them decides to introduce himself. He tells me that he and his significant other are broke and are just bumming around looking for money to buy gas. Well, like I said he was three-quarters drunk and broke. Here I sit with a BMW fully loaded with Touratech stuff. I must seem as rich as barnyard dirt to this fellow. My over active imagination played all sorts of scenarios in my head, one of which ended with him saying something about “squealing like a pig”. Needless to say they did not rob me, but probably passed out on a picnic table. It was too wet for thievery anyway. We got three inches of rain during the night.
That brings me to my next problem. After packing up and leaving I found out that I could not use my intended routes. Southern Indiana and parts of Illinois were in the midst of a hundred-year flood. Roads east were closed. I had to make a one hundred mile detour, most of it on the interstate. I spent the rest of the day driving through the Illinois cornfields. It did get a bit more exciting when I reached Iowa. The Scott County Sheriffs Department thought I was trying to get through their county a little fast. However, once I explained that I was merely looking for the Scott County Campground he decided to let me off with a warning. Thank you Saint Christopher! And that is where I am writing this, the Scott County Campground in Iowa. It is much nicer than last night’s campground.
Well I need to get my tent up and have a meal before some much needed sack time.

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Jason said...

I remember my last time camping at the Martin County State Forest. Back then I was working in a restaurant, so I had unusual days off. I went camping at the forest on a Monday night. There was only one other tent set up in the camp ground.

It starting getting dark and I had my fire going. My girlfriend and I were talking and watching the fire. Then this old dilapidated van drove in the camp ground and then left. But it seemed to slow down to look at us as went by. It kinda gave me the creeps knowing that we were in such a secluded place.

We picked up everything we had, through it in the car, and left in about 5 minutes.