Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 6 - 409.2 Miles

Another bad day. It started out OK, but the temperature dropped and it began to rain outside the Battlefords. Again I had to put on all my clothes and use my heated grips to stay warm. I decided to hotel it again. I pulled into the Ventura Motel in Vermilion, Alberta, Canada. The weather was so bad that the receptionist took pity on me and let me have a room free for the night! I don’t think that would ever happen in the states. I am about one hundred miles from where I wanted to stay tonight. I have just checked the weather for tomorrow and it does not look much better. As far as the riding goes, the worst part is the wind! At times the wind gets under may helmet and it feels like it is trying to yank it off my head. I am starting to wonder how many more days of weather like this I can endure. Since I got tonight free in a hotel, I am going to press on westward tomorrow and if the weather does not improve I may hotel it again tomorrow. I think I can justify the cost of the hotel as a safety factor. I have already experienced hypothermia twice on this trip and the object is to see Alaska, not injure myself for foolish pride.

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Arlo said...

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I am proud of you and know you will accomplish your goal. It seems mother nature is trying to make things difficult but keep on keepin' on!