Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 4

What a difference a day makes! When I awoke this morning there was not a cloud in the sky! The temperature was still a little on the cool side, but it was dry. The only thing not great about this day were the roads. Looooooooong and straight. Brunhilde could have driven this by herself. I crossed the border into Canada at the Tolstoi crossing. I was asked the usual questions about occupation, alcohol, and of course weapons. When I stated that I had no weapons the border guard asked about a little container I had hanging from on of the zippers on my riding suit. I told him they were for my earplugs. I had to open the container and prove that they were indeed earplugs and not pepper spray, mace, or an AK-47. Being satisfied that I was one of Americas best, he let me pass. Back in Canada again! The road to Winnipeg was, you guessed it, long and straight. I camped for the night at Birds Hill Provincial Park with beautiful skies and perfect temperature. I am in the Central Time zone and at 6:00PM it would be 7:00PM at home. I thought of my fellow Western North Carolina ADV rider buddies dining at Green River BBQ in Saluda, NC. I was eating Laura Lynn (store brand) double stuffed ravioli out of a can. Oh, well. Tomorrow the goal is Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park in Saskatchewan. Sorry no pictures today.

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Anonymous said...

You have already proven some "Sitzfleisch" with the kind of miles you are knocking off! Hope the weather will stay well from now on.