Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 3 - 424.3 Miles

Today’s big story is the weather. I began by riding through the Iowa farmland. This is real hometown America. The photo of Clarence is typical of the towns I rode through. Riding through Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, IA. I witnessed devastating flood damage. My heart goes out to the citizens of this area. The photos of the car underwater are in Waterloo. I learned from TV that Waterloo is now under a mandatory evacuation order. I have left Iowa and I am now in Milaca, Minnesota. Two cold fronts came through bringing heavy winds and rain. The temperature also dropped about 20 degrees. For the first time in my life I am staying in a hotel on a motorcycle trip. Mother Nature had beaten me! I am now in Milaca, MN at a Super 8 hotel. There was extremely high winds and rain that resulted in me hydroplaning the front wheel several times. I decided to surrender and spend the night in a hotel. Oh well, that allows me to catch up on some email, pay some bills, and take a hot shower and sleep in a bed. It only cost me $10.00 more thanks to my AARP discount. There are some good things about being old. Tomorrow I will head for Winnipeg, Canada. Let’s hope the weather is better. WiFi may be sporadic from this point, but check back often to keep up with me. Alaska or Bust!!!!!!

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Arlo said...

Enjoy the semi-soft bed while you can!