Sunday, June 8, 2008

Leaving Tomorrow!!!!!!

I have just about finished all the final preparations for my trip. I will leave in the morning. I may have to change my plans, though. I had planned on being in Shoals, Indiana tomorrow night, but I have heard they are having heavy flooding right now. I refuse to change my plans before I even leave my driveway. I will just ride there tomorrow and see what the deal is! Well, all the batteries are charged and only a few small items remain to be packed. I will update this blog from the road whenever I find a WiFi connection. That may be a few days as I will be camping in state parks and forests. Check back often to view my progress (or lack thereof!).


Arlo said...

Good luck! I hope the floods are not too bad.

Jule said...

Hi Curt,
hpw are you? We hope everything is fine with you and Brunhilde.
We're all so proud of you, you are our hero!
Looking to hear from our iron-man,
love Jule, Miecke and Elizabeth from Germany