Saturday, June 14, 2008

Day 5 - 337.5 Miles

Today was a hard one. I left Winnipeg about 7:00AM and it was very cold (remember I am from the South). I put on all the clothes I had and rode westward. Then it began to rain. I don’t mind being cold and I don’t mind being wet. But, I hate being cold AND wet. The low point of the day was heavy rain in Neepawa, Manitoba. I stopped at a McDonald’s and drank two large coffees to warm up and wait for the rain to end. Once I got back on the road the weather got better… and then it got worse. I actually contemplated getting another hotel room, but I did not want to get in that habit. Brunhilde and I pushed on to Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park in Saskatchewan. God bless Brunhilde. She has done everything I have asked of her and more. She has run on premium, ethanol, and regular. I have not seen premium gas in Canada. But 87 octane seems to suit her fine. Just long, straight roads with farm field on either side. The weather has to change sometime. Right? Onward to Alaska! Oh yeah! I just remembered… today is Friday the 13th!

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