Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bay Area

I left Garberville and rode to Salinas where I will spend the next four days.  I had my GPS set to avoid toll roads so it took me through Oakland instead of over the Golden Gate Bridge.  I was not able to take any good pictures but I did take these really bad ones from across the bay of downtown San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Please don't tell any of my fellow photographers that I took these! 

I'm really traveling slow now because I have to be in Flagstaff on May 17 and then ride to San Diego after the Overland Expo.  I am trying to save my rear tire and oil until then.  The bike is going to get a well deserved servicing in San Diego.

I have a friend that is also a traveler that lost his son six years ago to cancer.  Since then he has been traveling trying to find answeres with a dog named Spirit.  I have just learned that he is in Albuquerque and had all of his camping equipment stolen off of his bike.  Please send bad karma to the thieves.  

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