Saturday, May 12, 2012

Needles, CA (Part 2)

I spent the day in Needles and decided to go "downtown" and check it out.  I wanted to go early before it got too hot.  Here is a pic of the thermometer at 9:30 AM.

This town's main claim to fame, besides being the hottest climate in the US, is that it was a prominent stop on the Historic Route 66 and the railroad running east and west.

I-40 has replaced Route 66 as the main road hear and Needles has become a place to get gas (if you can afford it).

At one time the railroad stop here a a grand hotel called the El Garces.  Today it is being renovated and they hope to use it as a tourist attraction one day.

Usually the hotel site is closed but today there was a National Train Days Festival going on and the site was open to the public.

What more fitting way to celebrate National Train Days than to stand on the balcony of a historic grand hotel and watch a train pull into the station?

I'll be staying here again tomorrow and then on to Flagstaff Monday.

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