Sunday, May 27, 2012

San Diego, CA

I left the Overland Expo and headed for San Diego to see my son and his family, pick up my frau at the airport and turn the BMW over to San Diego BMW for some much needed maintenance.  I arrived in San Diego Sunday night and went to dinner with my son and granddaughter.  The next day we just hung out and didn't really do much of anything.  Tuesday we picked up the frau at the airport and went to eat at a local brewery.

Wednesday we went to SeaWorld with Lexi, my granddaughter.

The frau with Lexi in a flying fish.

That's me in the Zebra Fish!

SeaWorld was cool.  This was my first time at the one in San Diego.  Years ago I visited SeaWorld in San Antonio.

Next up is the Grand Canyon.  I picked up a rental car and headed back to Arizona with the frau.

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