Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BMW Steps Up

I just got a phone call from the service manager at San Jose BMW and he informed me that BMW will cover the costs of having my bearings replaced in my final drive before I left for this trip.  That is only $510, but it is better than nothing.  I feel a little better about this whole fiasco, but just a little.  I am assuming that I can post from the Overland Expo since everything there is supposed to be state of the art.  There are classes on satellite communications so I am guessing Wi-Fi will be available as well.  I'm getting psyched!


rayban_man said...

The damage was frightening! What was the underlying cause?

Kurt Nugent said...

It was an inherent design error that is well known on this bike. BMW claims that it is not a problem, but enough riders have had their final drive fail that it is really a shame that BMW will not admit fault.