Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Donner Party Campsite

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Before leaving Fernley, NV I met and spoke with the guy that had the motel room next to me. He was Dave "Skinner" Collins.  He is a "Cowboy Cook" and he gave me an autographed copy of his Dutch Oven cookbook.  Skinner has crossed the country several times by mule and chuck wagon.

I left Fernley, NV and rode through Reno into Truckee, CA.  Just outside Truckee is the campsite of the infamous Donner Party.  The pioneers were caught by an early snow storm in the Sierras and had to spend the winter here.  After the food ran out most believe they resorted to cannibalism.

There is a trail that you can walk (I did) around the entire campsite.  Along the way are exhibits that include diary entries of members of the party.

Ironically the site is a picnic area today!

After that I began heading north.  I made it into Oregon and found a cheap motel where I will spend two nights giving my butt a rest!

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Anonymous said...

ha! picnic tables. now that's funny.