Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lazy Lizard Hostel

While in Moab I have been staying at a hostel called the Lazy Lizard.  It is a funky kind of place filled mostly with twenty somethings.  I have a private room which is basically a plywood box for $26 a night.  It is kind of cool to have others to talk to in the evening.  If you are ever here I can recommend it.  The Hilton, it ain't.  But it is a good, cheap and interesting place to stay while in Moab.

The kitchen area where you can prepare your own food.

The common area with TV and Internet.

My room after three days here.  (No housekeeping at this price!)

My room was the last on the end.

I'm resting up today and will be headed for Mexican Hat tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Curtis,

had pictured you way south, somewhere in Mexico. But i think you made a smart choice. We always liked St. George, up in your current neck of the woods.

Will meet w/ Arlo & Co tomorrow--actually later today--for dinner in Pacific Beach. Maybe next month some time you can join us there.

Meanwhile we are actually back in virtually the same condo situation as when you visited us first in San Diego--looking forward to welcoming you again here.

Many happy miles till then,
P.S. Isn't that Willy on the wall in your Moab Hilton?! So it can't be too bad a joint.