Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monument Valley & Four Corners Monument

Today I went to Monument Valley and while it was beautiful I must say I was disappointed.  First of all due to deep sand it is not recommended that motorcycles drive the 17 mile scenic drive.  I tried and had to turn around not only due to the sand, but a water truck had just wet the sand to keep the dust down.  The result was like trying to ride on the beach.  I almost dropped the bike twice and decided to turn around.  I did get a few pictures, though.

I still had some time so I decided to ride over to the Four Corners Monument.  I had been there two years earlier but it was closed for "maintenance".  I have since learned that the marker was misplaced by more than one hundred feet.  Again I was disappointed.  The "monument" is surrounded by what is basically a tribal flea market.  Navajos selling jewelry and souvenirs.

Oh well, tomorrow I will head north towards Idaho.


Brenda said...

It may have been disappointing, but your photos are beautiful!

Kurt Nugent said...

Thanks, Brenda!