Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lakeview, Oregon

I spent today just reading and writing in Lakeview, OR.  I am staying here just to take a break from riding and because I still have three weeks before I have to be at the Overland Expo.  I have plenty of time, no need to rush.  I took a walk into the town and I noticed how it is like so many other of the towns I have seen on this trip.  It is what my wife and I call a "Commerce".  That is the town where we went to undergraduate school, Commerce, TX.  The town really has no character and was probably formed just to provide a central place to provide services to the local population.  I went to a local restaurant today for breakfast and I was the only customer not from Lakeview.  I listened in on the conversations of the locals and they were all about mundane happenings in the town.  It sort of reminded me of the Chatterbox Cafe in Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon.  Perhaps that is why Lake Wobegon is so popular.  Ninety percent of Americans can relate to the stories told weekly by Keillor.

Downtown Lakeview, OR

Lakeview, OR

But as I was walking around town I did find something that made me smile.  Maybe the secretary should handle this project next uear!

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ttennimon said...

I will travel like you do some day and when I get ready to go I am going to blame you for the courage and desire. That way you can deal with Sissy. Love Ya Bro!!!