Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Yucatan

After getting my top box repaired I rode to Coatzacolcos, MX.  Coatzacolcos is a resort town and I decided to stay for two days.

Leaving Coatzacolcos I rode for Piste which is the village just outside Chichen Itza.  That night I made it to Campeche and ate tacos from a street vendor.  Anyone who tells you not to eat the street food is crazy.  It's about all I've eaten since I have been here.  It is better than restaurant food!

The next day I made to Piste in the Yucatan.  It was Good Friday and the town had a Passion Play complete with Judas hanging from a tree.  Judas was portrayed by a real man!

Can you spot Judas?

There he is!

My posada (inn) in Piste, MX.

My preferred mode of transportation  is the family car in Mexico!  Notice Dad is the only one wearing a helmet.

Laundry day in Piste.

These are signs I have come to hate.  The warn you of the topes.

The next day I went to Chichen Itza.  I'm glad I did since it won't be here in 2013!  I went very early in the morning to avoid the heat and the crowds.  About 11:00AM the tour buses full of Germans, French and Americans start arriving and it quickly becomes like Disney World.

While I was in Piste I was talking to Mexican who told me that I could not turn  in my TVIP in Baja as I had planned.  I had no internet access and my Spanish is not good enough to confirm this with any of the officials.  I thought he was wrong, but being a Mexican newbie I really didn't know.  He told me I had to turn in my TVIP at the same Banjercito where I received it!  Even though I was pretty sure he was wrong, who was I to argue with a Mexican about his own country.  I started making plans to return to the states via Eagle Passs, ride across NM and AZ and re-enter Mexico in Baja.  It would change the trip drastically, but it would still be a good trip.

I started heading back for the US.  Tomorrow I hope to update you on that leg of the trip.

Spoiler Alert:  The Mexican was wrong!

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Cool pictures of Chichen Itza!