Monday, April 30, 2012

Portland, Oregon

I decided not to ride today and just give my butt a rest.  I took a bus into downtown Portland just to check out the city.  The city where I live, Asheville, NC, is often compared to Portland so I wanted to check it out.  Once I got downtown I realized this was the farthest I had been away from my bike in over six weeks!  Maybe I should change my Facebook Status to "in a relationship with a BMW".

The downtown area of Portland was nice. It was clean and had pleasant architecture.  I thought it would remind me of Asheville, but it reminded me more of Hamburg, Germany.  A lot of red brick and water features.

These water fountains were located all around the city center.

It even has street cars just like European cities.

Of course, I had to eat lunch at one of the ethnic food carts that are located throughout the city.

The city seems to have a large Asian population.  Chinatown was quite large.

From what some of the locals told me I experiences typical Portland weather, on and off rain and sun all day.

Well the butt is rested and tomorrow I will head down US 101 towards California.  My next "goal" is to visit Salinas, CA to visit the Steinbek house and National Center.  I have been a fan of Steinbek since I was "forced" to read him in college.

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Anonymous said...

poor mom... sitting at home all by herself reading about how far away from your motorcycle you are!